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30Day-Bootcamp is a Women's Self Defense Center and Fitness Boot Camp, serving the East Bay since 1999. Our Boot Camps operate on a systematic C.O.R.E. Training method designed to build strength, endurance, and confidence progressively over the course of your program. Every class is designed to accommodate beginning Boot Campers and challenge veterans, as our personal trainers offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced variations for any exercise.

Fitness & Weight Loss

Our fitness program helps every Boot Camper to shape, tone, trim, and firm up (not bulk up) with our highly customized rotating curriculum. Over the course of your program you will experience strength training, isometrics, plyometrics, cardio endurance, cardio strength, interval training, customized P90X  curriculums, Insanity workouts, circuit training, tension & resistance training, cardio kick boxing, pilates exercises, and a whole lot more.

Cardio Kickboxing, Krav Maga, & Women's Self-Defense

30Day-Bootcamp offers fitness oriented Cardio Kickboxing, practical self defense for women, and no-nonsense Krav Maga tactical self defense classes. Learn how to walk with confidence, empowered by real self defense techniques that work for women of all sizes.  We are passionate about our Bay Area women being able to protect themselves, and frequently offer free women's self defense training & seminars to individuals and cooperatives throughout the Bay Area. A portion of our proceeds go to help support Bay Area women's shelters & support co-ops.

What is it like? What are the benefits? How will I feel?

Our Boot campers love the new challenges and drills they experience at every camp, while being motivated by our world class personal trainers! Classes are exhilarating, fun, high energy group classes where students build camaraderie with their team. During the camps, Boot campers are guided to Compete, Overcome, Renew, and Endure as we explore the C.O.R.E. Training principles across 30DBCs vast curriculum. Every class is a broad new range of experiences.

After Boot camps, students feel refreshed and invigorated, finishing camps with guided cool-down & stretching, along with wellness tips from our trainers for the rest of their day including diet, hydration, & stretching regimens.New students experience a significant boost to strength and energy within just a few weeks!

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How do I get started?

Depending on your class, each program has differing start dates for each session, although we can generally find time slots for students entering mid-session. Check out our SCHEDULE and REGISTER ONLINE to let us know what time is best for you!

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